Acts Volume

Dear Courtiers,

As announced at the General Assembly on Friday, 29 July, we are planning to publish a volume of the Lexington ICLS Congress proceedings. I have been in contact with Boydell and Brewer who have published past volumes. They have indicated a total length of 80-120,000 words with the possibility of illustrations, some perhaps in color. We would like to include as many papers as possible, but need to keep within the length specified. Promptness of submission is desirable: missed deadlines at any time may result in your paper being eliminated. All plenary addresses and award-winning papers will be included.

WHAT TO SUBMIT: For this first phase (selecting and grouping papers), please submit your unrevised reading version in the language in which you read it. DO correct spelling and grammar, DO add source citations in footnotes (avoid content notes) and a separate bibliography, but do NOT add substantive remarks or content. Once we have selected papers to be included, we will ask you to make possible revisions to the text and to adapt your work to the press's stylesheet.

Regarding power point ILLUSTRATIONS: in order to keep costs down, include as many papers as possible, and avoid delays due to asking for numerous permissions, please keep your illustrations to the minimum. How to do this?  Where possible, if an image is published in print source or online, please cite that in a footnote. If words can adequately describe an image, it can be cut (however charming or interesting). Only when an image is central to your argument – perhaps referred to repeatedly – should it definitely be included. Images from rare or privately held manuscripts should be included, assuming that permissions can be granted.

DEADLINE and how to submit:  If you wish to have your paper considered, please send a WORD document to my colleague and co-editor no later than 1 October. We want to move the project along as quickly as possible.

(I plan to discontinue using hotmail as soon as possible and do not as yet have a replacement email, so please do NOT send to my hotmail address which we have been using since the Call for Papers was posted.)

After we have received submissions, selected papers, and organized the volume, we will contact all of you with instructions on revision and stylesheet details (hopefully, before the end of this year.)

Price of the volume: there was no payment toward the cost of an Acts volume included in your Congress registration fee. We would respectfully urge you all to consider purchasing a copy (and asking your library to purchase one as well) when the volume is produced. I am in the process of paying Congress expenses now: my hope is that any profits generated will be applied to the costs of producing the volume.

It was our pleasure to have hosted the 15th Triennial Congress. We look forward to preserving many of the fine papers that were read in book form.

Gloria Allaire and Julie Human